Something hit me the other day

I said that I can feel the inexorable pull of Massachusetts. I’m really considering relocating there, somewhere close to a commuter rail or subway. It’d make the commute MUCH shorter.

Plus the tax structure in MA is so much better than in RI. You see in MA they smartly capped their tax rates. For example – buy a car in Providence, RI that’s worth $30,000 and you’re on the hook for $1,800 the first year plus a 7% sales tax. Ut si!

In MA – say Cambridge – it’s $750. And the sales tax on the car is 6.25%. So you can see here in RI we take it on the chin. Yet we get what I consider sub par services. That I have to email or call my councilor or others is indicative of the problem. We need to move RI to be PROACTIVE not REACTIVE. But I’ll leave long before that happens.

One thought on “Something hit me the other day

  1. DE has no sales tax (except on initial vehicle purchases), no personal property tax, and extremely low real estate and school taxes. That is why we get lots of people relocating here from over-taxed NJ, NY, and PA.

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