Some more observations on humanity

So this week I had a few more thoughts on my fellow humans.

Monday morning – I likened the exit from the train as the Walk of the Living Dead. Seriously.

Then today I observed that people wonder why there are so many fatal car accidents. All you need to do is observe behavior in a supermarket and it tells you all you need to know about drivers on the roadways. I’m dead serious about this.

Then something else happened on I-95 southbound and northbound. In the first case a guy cuts me off in my lane. Had to pretty much stand on the brakes at that point.

Then coming back, guy just fades into my lane, no signal, nothing. Then proceeds to slow to 40MPH. What the fuck!

I’ve read of the issues facing Google’s autonomous cars – where for example they have trouble negotiating four way stops because human drivers keep edging out and the car has no idea what to do.

Now if it’s all autonomous cars and they can talk to each other the problem with four way stops is negated. I for one can’t wait until the preponderance of cars are autonomous vehicles.

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