The Labor Day Weekend

So here we are on the 2nd day of a 3 day weekend. This should be the norm for the business world, with a 3 day weekend, the week beginning on a Tuesday.

But I digress. It was also the weekend of 22 years together for Keyron and I. It’s been pretty good 22 years too on the overall balance.

So Friday evening we went to dinner at Sura. I had the Stone Pot Bibimbap, and we had some fried pork and beef pot stickers, and edamame too. Shared a bottle of saki too. Yeah, it’s a place that started off as Korean, now is more Asian Fusion but still very good.  Only reason we went there is because our usual haunt just down the street is closed for renovation.

Yesterday we did the usual weekly thing – got all the grocery shopping done. That included a new waste barrel for the kitchen. And to atone for the heavier meal Friday I did a beet and kale salad for dinner.

Visited a friend for ours for a few hours and developed a new theory on a certain life event going on. Let’s just say I hope the theory isn’t right.

Then this morning, well, 10:30AM so late morning, we had breakfast at the Classic Cafe down the street from us.

Overall a very nice and relaxing weekend. Just the way they should be. Right now I’m just reading the Hithchikers Guide to the Galaxy ‘trilogy’ again. It’s an amusing read – and I recommended it to a co-worker. I had quoted a part of the book and he realized the lyrics to one of his favorite songs derived from the book.

And in the background I’ve got Pandora streaming away. It’s funny – commercial radio annoys me too much. WIth rotations that are too tight and the same across the dial I’d rather use the streaming services or my own music library.

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