PC Gaming: Bioshock – how to defeat the first Big Daddy

So I had been told and many web based tutorials suggested you use gas cylinders and hacked automated machine guns to kill Big Daddies. Me, I roll a different way.

I simply used telekinesis first to hum shit at Big Daddy to lure him. Then I used fire and blasted at him several time. When I he got close in, all burning, I hammered at him with the wrench. Killed the fucker. Yeah I’m good at that. My favorite of the plasmid tools is the fire – I’ve roasted quite a number of critters in the game with that. Nitro Splicers – they don’t do too well with fire. And of course another trick with telekinesis is to catch Nitro Splicer bombs and hurl them back at said Nitro Splicer. Love it!

The game is awesome – it helps you out quite a bit. Points you in the general direction of your goals. And it works so much better with an Xbox 360 controller – they make one that a wireless dongle plugs into your computer (In my case a laptop) and connects to the controller. It’s pretty awesome – in effect my PC turns into an Xbox 360 with that controller and the Steam Application.

This is really fun.

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