A funny meeting today

So we had a dog and pony show of a business intelligence product this afternoon.

Anyhow what was funny about it was that at one point in the meeting the finance guy intimated that they needed a good merger of data and there was no need to go any further. Now the Dev team spent a considerable amount of time on this.

Well – my boss who leads the Development team – I saw three emotions cross his face. First was incredulity, second was anger and then the third was calm. I’ve learned a new respect for the boss – I would have leapt across the table and throttled the finance guy. I also mark this as the day where my boss suffered that final injury that said he’d start job hunting.

And the other fun part – watching the contractor being pumped to finish a project. When the boss and I both know said contractors days are numbered. That was fun if only because I’ve had it wrung out of me near the very end of a contract. But I went out gracefully. So much so the contracting company paid out the full month to me instead of just two weeks. That was nice.

Sort of makes me happy I’m a perm employee. So long as I can take the idiocy that passes for business these days. And the elevator keeps going up. It’s amazing. I’m respected by people inside the current company and it’s parent company.

2 thoughts on “A funny meeting today

    1. Yeah and yesterday I had a really good conversation with the new CEO. Seems his education started in I.T. So we were talking about stuff we’d used. Turns out we’re both VI/VIM fans and HATE EMACS.

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