Physics: It’s all around you

Think of it for a moment. Physics governs the physical world in which we live. It’s concerned with the four fundamental forces, the strong, electro-magnetic, weak and gravity.

Let’s take them one by one:

Strong Nuclear force – it’s the force that keeps the atoms in us and everything around us from flying apart.

Electro-Magnetic – we use this one the most in our society. From the hard drives in computers to the very nature of computer circuits, to all the electricity that flows around us and gets transformed into light with photons the exhibit a dual nature as particles and waves.

Weak Nuclear Force – this is the one in the quantum world. It lets quarks do their thing. Not so strong as to inhibit but to encourage some play among the quarks.

Gravity – I suspect there is a strong relation between gravity and the strong nuclear force. Except one is at the micro level, the other at the macro level. Gravity is what keeps our feet to the ground, and what we struggle against when we get old.

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