New Charge Pack and other news

So I got a ZeroLemon charging pack. It has the same capacity as my Ankner 10,000mAh battery pack. Except there is one difference – it charges either via USB or via solar power.

It’s all part of my going off grid plan. This is just the beginning.

We have a nice window at work – I can charge it via that.

So there’s progress. In other news I donated $50 to the World’s Larges Skeptic & Atheist Community Center.  Just click the phrase and make your donation – for the $50 level you get a Get out of Hell Free card.

And more – my drone is all charge up. I just have to format the 64GB SD card and snap it in. I’ve even got batteries in the remote. Haven’t gotten first flight yet. It’s really a cute little drone, here’s what it looks like:

And yes, it has LED’s everywhere. It’s pretty small – maybe 6″ across. I refuse to have to register such a cute little drone.

Other news the boss is back at work. Both the office mate and I noticed the boss didn’t look as shell shocked as he usually does. It’s pretty funny.

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