Happy Halloween

Or in my terms, ba fucking humbug. Halloween is for the kids, not we adults. Our job is to supply good candy. Never cheap out.

But the past few years halloween has been with friends and part of the time was at a now close gay club in Dansbury, CT.

And this evening we won’t be around as we’re going to a halloween part in Newport.

Now when it comes to halloween I’m really low key. For the gay club thing I donned little tiny demon horns on my head.

Or when I worked at that information security company that shall not be named while every other unit went bonkers I suggested some frozen CO2 in a rather large metal cauldron and spritzed with warm water every now and again. Plus we had candy to give out but the candy was in a low, rolling fog of CO2.

And I heard tell I missed the halloween goodness at the Quincy office where I work now. I explained that what I’d experienced at  the company that shall not be named was enough to carry me through Halloween good cheer for another couple of decades. It was that over the top.

But for the party tonight I again went low key. I’m not one to spend hours putting on makeup or the like. The simpler, the better in my opinion.

So here I am, ready for the world.

webcam-toy-photo1 (1)

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. We’re the same. We do the neighborhood duty and pass out candy (well, Mom does) and we drink and watch movies.

    We love Danbury CT. Have friends who live there and we are partial to Rosy Tomorrows.

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