Another Drone

This is half the price of my Code Black drone. This one is a Daming 007-Spy. It’s Chinese – the manual what there is of it is in Chinglish. But I’m charging it now. As you can see in this pic the connectors they supplied didn’t match. So I had to hack the power connector. ANd notice the partial blade guards are standard on this one. And like I said half the price of my Code Black drone. But this one looks as thought it’ll have more capabilities.


Now I just have to figure out two things.

  1. How to let the computer control the flight of these things.
  2. How to weaponize the platform.

    Then I’ll have a drone with similar capabilities to the security drones in the game Bioshock. For a game set in the 1950’s they do have some rather advanced technology in it.

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