An interesting Thursday

So where I work we recently got a new CEO. He’s a Paisan like me and my office mate. I met him the day after he started and during our conversation he let slip that he was an Apple Macintosh fan. So we’d given him a Lenovo PC.

While I was talking to my boss I mentioned this and said we really should give him one of the two we had. It was approved and I delivered it to him today. He was pleased.

In other job news apparently the new CEO wants to take the Development and I.T. group out for lunch next week. I had to convince my office mate to go. The office mate hates to go into Boston by car. But he’ll make the supreme sacrifice to do so next Wednesday.

Then this evening the MBTA Red Line which normally takes 16 minutes from North Quincy Station to South Station – it took 25 minutes tonight. And the commuter at 5:00PM took an hour and a half to get to Providence. The 10 to 15 minutes stuck just between Attleboro and South Attleboro didn’t help.

But I got home – and then immediately had to head out to a meeting for Providence’s first Low Power FM station. They’ve been granted a construction permit and the group is made up of AS220, Brown Student and Community Radio, and Providence Community Radio or ProComRad. It’ll be on 101.1FM and has the call sign WPVD. The transmitter and antenna will be located on RI PBS’s tower on the south side of the city.

I’ve decided I want to be more on the technical side of this. After all I do have both my amateur radio and commercial radio licenses. And I do have experience on broadcast radio.

Thing is they need to fundraise $35,000 in order to pay for engineering studies, FM Exciters, Studio equipment, etc. I think it’s a very doable figure to try to fundraise. The members that were there if they put up $100 each and if all 80-100 people there chipped it in you’d have the first $8,000 or so. But the official fundraising starts in January of 2016. I know I’ll put a couple hundred into it.

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