Finaly a dock for my MacBook Pro

It’s a dock made by a company called Henge as in the Henge Dock.

You plop your MacBook Pro into it and tap the dock button. It’s motorized and you hear it inserting the plugs into the MacBook Pro power, Thunderbolt and USB and HDMI ports. It’s pretty awesome. Then out the back you get six USB ports, SD Card slot, Ethernet, two audio jacks, HDMI, and two Thunderbolt ports. It’s awesome.


And yeah, you can tell I run Skype, Chrome, Dropbox, Sublime, Google Drive, FileZilla, settings, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Shell, Slack on my machine. And fear not – I’m posting this on my personal Windows 10 box. It’s just that all we developers and devops guys get MacBooks where I work.

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