The latest UPS fuck up

Well – it seems UPS still lives up to the Shit Wrapped in Chiffon name. I’m of the opinion they made a huge mistake ever becoming more than a metropolitan delivery service. That’s what they were prior to being an international logistics firm and I use the term logistics loosely.

At work I’d ordered an Apple Magic Trackpad for one of the developers. It was supposed to have been delivered on the 12th of November. That comes and goes, no package. It did get delivered on the 18th, six whole days later and one semi-fun phone call to UPS.

Now this is UPS in the Boston, MA area. And the office is located in the same building as the Boston Children’s Museum. So it’s not like it’s some out of the way place.
But I digress – I called UPS on the 17th. They first offered to drop it at a pickup location. Fuck UPS and their pickup locations and I’ll explain why. If I wanted to wait around for 20 minutes while they go through all the packages I’d go for their pickup locations. But fuck UPS.

I explained to the service droid that we were a commercial business and we didn’t do pickup locations. Then I explained to her where we were, what the building was and that we were on the 5th floor, at the far end of the corridor.

And don’t you know the package got delivered on the 18th. But the fact I had to call UPS and bitch them out a bit – that wasn’t necessary.

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