31 Questions for Atheists and My Answers


So these were posted here. It’s the Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry. So you can pretty clearly see they’re all loaded questions.

  • How would you define atheism?

    Atheism is simply my non-belief in a supreme being or god.

  • Do you act according to what you believe (there is no God) in or what you don’t believe in (lack belief in God)?

    I act on what I have determined through trial and error to be best for me and for the society I live in.

  • Do you think it is inconsistent for someone who “lacks belief” in God to work against God’s existence by attempting to show that God doesn’t exist?

    This one is fairly nonsensical – no it is not inconsistent. It is my duty to educate and if it means helping to challenge others faith in a non-existent god then so be it.

  • How sure are you that your atheism properly represents reality?

    It’s simple – there have been many gods before the current versions. And they all fell by the wayside. So it’s as real as it gets.

  • How sure are you that your atheism is correct?

    See answer above.

  • How would you define what truth is?

    What is truth said pontius pilate. Truth is a logical thing.

  • Why do you believe your atheism is a justifiable position to hold?

    Because there is now a plethora of research that Determines the Christian faith is based on only so much bovine effluent.

  • Are you a materialist or a physicalist or what?

    Materialist to a very great degree.

  • Do you affirm or deny that atheism is a worldview? Why or why not?

    It’s not a world view, or even a faith. It’s a non belief.

  • Not all atheists are antagonistic to Christianity but for those of you who are, why the antagonism?

    I don’t call it antagonism – I just want to educate people and get them to see the damage caused by their faith in a non-existent god.

  • If you were at one time a believer in the Christian God, what caused you to deny His existence?

    Twelve years of Catholic schools. And in one of those years we studied the Bible. That pretty much tore it for me.

  • Do you believe the world would be better off without religion?

    Yes in fact I do believe that. We’d have not had such bloody wars in the name of God, Allah, et al.

  • Do you believe the world would be better off without Christianity?

    No – I want all faiths to suffer the death by a thousand paper cuts.

  • Do you believe that faith in a God or gods is a mental disorder?

    No – not a mental disorder per se. More a weak mind.

  • Must God be known through the scientific method?

    By using the term ‘scientific method’ it shows that the author of these questions has no idea what said method is. So the answer is a pretty clear No to that one.

  • If you answered yes to the previous question, then how do you avoid a category mistake by requiring material evidence for an immaterial God?

    The thing is – there is no evidence for said God or Jesus or any of it. I mean come on, you can tell this was written by Christian Apologetics.

  • Do we have any purpose as human beings?

    Well there’s the drive to reproduce which we’ve been pretty successful at. Except for people like me – who will never reproduce.

  • If we do have purpose, can you as an atheist please explain how that purpose is determined?

    Quite simple – you’re educated and one day you too will find your special purpose, as Navin R. Johnson in the movie “The Jerk” did.

  • Where does morality come from?

    My ass. No seriously – morality comes upon principles agreed upon by a society.

  • Are there moral absolutes?

    No there aren’t. There’s a hell of a lot of grey land out there.

  • If there are moral absolutes, could you list a few of them?

    See above.

  • Do you believe there is such a thing as evil? If so, what is it?

    Evil is just a name we assign for things we don’t understand. But there is true evil in government that deceives us.

  • If you believe that the God of the Old Testament is morally bad, by what standard do you judge that He is bad?

    Quite simple – he or his followers murder a whole lot of people.

  • What would it take for you to believe in God?

    He’d have to appear to me in person.

  • What would constitute sufficient evidence for God’s existence?

    Lets see – flaming letters in the sky would be a good start.

  • Must this evidence be rationally based, archaeological, testable in a lab, etc., or what?

    None of hte above.

  • Do you think that a society that is run by Christians or atheists would be safer? Why?

    Absolutely not – just look at the shit that goes on in the Bible Belt in the U.S.

  • Do you believe in free will? (free will being the ability to make choices without coersion).

    Yes I do.

  • If you believe in free will, do you see any problem with defending the idea that the physical brain, which is limited and subject to the neuro-chemical laws of the brain, can still produce free will choices?

    Just because we have wetware it doesn’t mean we have those limitations. Some of us have a more evolved sense of logic.

  • If you affirm evolution and that the universe will continue to expand forever, then do you think it is probable that given enough time, brains would evolve to the point of exceeding mere physical limitations and become free of the physical and temporal, and thereby become “deity” and not be restricted by space and time? If not, why not?

    Well – there are a few technological leaps that have to happen before this is even possible. In fact I’ll put forth that when the time comes we can do that we’ll also get teleportation. Because you see both require very fast and very deep levels of computer memory.

  • If you answered the previous question in the affirmative, then aren’t you saying that it is probable that some sort of God exists?

    No – nice little logical trap you’ve tried here.


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