The Funny Part of my Presentation

So there were two spots where I had them laughing today.


The pic above was in my my slides. They loved that.

So then I was going over help desk statistics – and our Dev team for some reason had a first response time of 0.0 hours. So I said that’s 0.0 hours Mr. Blutarski.

That last is a reference from the movie Animal House. Another good line from that movie “Fat, drunk and stupid is now way to go through life.”

But here’s the thing – leadership in this company tends to be on the older side. While the drones tend to be younger. Hence why they’re drones. It flew right over their heads. So I think next email blast we do I’ll have Tony’s Suggested Movies. Stuff like 70’s horror and 80’s comedies. Get them up to speed.

But the best part – I didn’t go on and on. Just got the info out there.



4 thoughts on “The Funny Part of my Presentation

  1. Yeah, and another thing I got kicked off – a weekly cryptography challenge. Used a simple Caesar cypher first, one we know as ROT-13. Now we’ve moved on to to Vigenere cypher. Effective a Caesar cypher but from a matrix of 26×26 characters. So it rotates on multiple axes and will be harder to crack without the primer key.

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