The Annual Trip South

Starts at 3AM tomorrow. That gets me across the Cross Bronx Expressway very early in the morning so I miss 99% of the shit there.

The car this time around is a Chrysler 200. Let me give my opinion on U.S. made cars like Chryslers – in a word they suck. I’ve been driving Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen vehicles the past few years. Found I very much like Japanese and German cars. And I now know why Daimler released Chrysler. The car – it drives like a marshmallow and the engine feels like it’s lagging. When I step on the pedal I expect acceleration – not transmission hunting and revving.

Another way to look at it is to compare it with maybe a Volkswagen Golf TSi. The Volkswagen glides, the Chrysler is plods. It’s that simple.

But back to the trip – also found out the card I used to rent said Chrysler does a $15K LDW coverage. That was nice – and the liability insurance only cost me $4 per day because of a glitch that happened when I booked the car. Apparently the cookie on my system from my old business account got used and they included it at the reduced rate. Nice.

Also made sure my EZ-Pass is topped off.
Now we’re leaving at 3AM because I want to get there at 3PM or 4PM. It’s a 12 hour trip – but only 640 miles or so. It’s the traffic. But leaving so early means I miss most of the northeast corridor traffic. So it’s the shit around Baltimore, D.C. and into Virginia that fucks it up.

And of course this evening it’s raining here in Rhode Island. Hopefully it’ll clear up by 3AM. Because I hate driving in rain. I’d almost prefer the trip in 6+ inches of snow.

3 thoughts on “The Annual Trip South

  1. Like you, I also prefer Japanese and German cars to American cars.

    Hopefully you didn’t encounter much traffic. I was driving in the DC area on Christmas Eve and Christmas day and felt the traffic was lighter than expected. Where was your final destination?

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