The Holiday Trip Part um 2

Ok, here it is Part II/2/00000010 (Roman, Decimal, Binary)

The Chrysler 200 performs admirably but I have to say it, it’s got lots of widgets that over a short period are going to need replacement. So a big old no on Chrysler/Dodge products. Plus the big old security hole in those vehicles.

So we’ve dined our way through – one Seafood restaurant in Manteo, NC where in the process of getting there we got stopped by the police aka 5-0 aka pigs. He clocked us at 76MPH in 55MPH zone.Oops. The brother-in-law thinks he picked up the cop where the speed transitioned from 55MPH to 35MPH and then back to 55MPH. Yeah, speed trap.

The restaurant whose name I’ll post when I check the bank web site – the food was pretty good. I had the crab cakes dinner with mashed potatoes and brown gravy and pickled beets. Excellent.

But this evening we took the 70+ mile trek into Elizabeth City and had dinner there.

The other part – the nephew loves his uncle Tony. Even introduced him to Gogol Bordello. He’s only 7 years old but really digs that group, and is especially fond of this:

Yup – Ukrainian punk.

And the mother-in-law is going to live with the brother-in-law and his wife in Houston, TX – or just outside Houston.


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