Month: December 2015

Cut the cord at last

So I turned in my cable box today. They’ve been screwing me as a customer for two years regards the video and phone service. So I just dropped the box back off today. And I wasn’t the only one – in a line of about 10 people 7 were returning cable boxes.

The future for Cox Communications looks pretty dim. I’ll keep them for net services but they can pucker up and kiss my ass over $200 a month. I’ve had it.

And I’ve already ordered a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem. Then I can have the pleasure of returning their Cisco cable modem to them and telling them to stuff the rental fee.


The Funny Part of my Presentation

So there were two spots where I had them laughing today.


The pic above was in my my slides. They loved that.

So then I was going over help desk statistics – and our Dev team for some reason had a first response time of 0.0 hours. So I said that’s 0.0 hours Mr. Blutarski.

That last is a reference from the movie Animal House. Another good line from that movie “Fat, drunk and stupid is now way to go through life.”

But here’s the thing – leadership in this company tends to be on the older side. While the drones tend to be younger. Hence why they’re drones. It flew right over their heads. So I think next email blast we do I’ll have Tony’s Suggested Movies. Stuff like 70’s horror and 80’s comedies. Get them up to speed.

But the best part – I didn’t go on and on. Just got the info out there.



So at work

I’m presenting tomorrow. I’m sort of leading the I.T. side.

I was asked to provide a blurb of introduction. So here hit is:

“Tony holds both an amateur radio extra license and commercial radiotelephone license as well as being active with Providence’s first low power FM radio station, WPVD in both a technical and on-air role. He’s also culinarily adventurous and his favorite possessions are his 14″ carbon steel wok that’s nicely seasoned and a KitchenAid Pro 600. ”

So it’s not all technical – there’s some culinary in there too.