Saw it: Star Wars The Force Awakens

Went to the 11:35PM showing at Showcase Cinemas in Warwick/E.G. RI. Actually it is at the intersection of Division Rd. East Greenwich and Quaker Lane, Warwick.

Anyhow the movie was directed by one J.J. Abrams. Known for the latest Star Trek movie as well as a few other goodies it was obvious he was directing this one.

Spoiler alert – stop reading here if you don’t want to know.

The baddie in this one is Kylo Ren – the son of Princess Leia and Han Solo. Yeah – recall Leia has a high midichlorian count too. So Kylo Ren styles himself after Darth Vader.

Anyhow Han Solo and Leia think there is still some good in Kylo Ren.

Well it turns out that young Rey – she’s a Jedi too, just doesn’t know it yet. And I suspect that Finn the former Imperial Storm Trooper, I suspect he’s an uncovered Jedi too.

But toward the end of the movie – now the ostensible main plot is finding Luke Skywalker. But near the end Kylo Ren is approached by Daddy Han Solo. It looks like it’s going to work. And then Kylo Ren rams his light sword through Han. So sad.

But the end of the movie – they find Luke – Rey and Chewbacca find him with the help of R2D2 and BB8.

And of course now that they’ve found Luke and we’ve discovered Rey is a raw Jedi – here comes the next movie.

All in all worth seeing the movie. Nice end to a vacation week.

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