Promoted: I’m now I.T. Manager

The boss admitted it today. I started as Senior Systems Administrator – now I.T. Manager.

It works for me. Next stop is CIO – I’m serious. There’s an ulterior motive here.   I just want to be able to give the office mate who now reports to me – I want him to have the chance to move from help desk to systems. He’s proven capable doing it. Why the hell not.

And CIO outranks Vice President – so I could also let the office mate, who was reviewed as unreliable by said Veep to review the Veep and justifiably say the Veep is unreliable.

It only brings home the old saying, be careful the toes you step upon today for they may be connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.

And the CIO thing – it’s entirely possible. You see I have the CEO, CFO, HR and Office manager in my corner. That’s something I learned long ago – get on the good side of those folks and they’ll deliver in spades. Office politics is so much fun.

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