Books to Read

So I’ve gotten on the reading kick last 20 months. Like a whole lot of books. On topics with a pretty wide range – right now I’m just finishing up a book about all the Presidents between Teddy Roosevelt and Bill Clinton. Shame it doesn’t cover the Shrub aka former President Bush. What got my attention in that particular book was how it dished on Ronald Reagan. He truly was America’s first idiot. The title of the book is “The American President: From Teddy Roosevelt to Bill Clinton” and it’s by William E. Leuchtenberg.

But now onto bigger and better.

I’ve got a book on the Roman Empire caleld “S-P-Q-R: A History of Ancient Rome” by Mary Beard – that’s next up in the rotation.

And after that I have “Children of Paradise: The Sruggle for the Soul of Iran” by Laura Secor.

There’s a trend there – I’m looking at cultural things. I guess my classical education is rearing it’s ugly head again. Or the fact that I find a lot of these books from my Facebook feed. We’re a right literate bunch of bastards.

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