Reading SPQR

So I’m a good way into the book titled S-P-Q-R by Mary Beard. The title Senatus PopulusQue Romanus – the Senate and People of Rome.

One thing that interests me about the book is that the Romans invaded Sardinia back around the 3rd century BCE. So my Sardinian ancestry isn’t so much Sardinian (Which was Greek after all) but Roman. Very interesting.

And the transition of Rome from a moderate sized city to an empire that spanned quite a huge distance is fascinating. All had to do with the fact that as Romans invaded a place – they conscripted the male folk into the Roman army. Plus it eased logistics to keep pushing out into Europe and even Northern Africa.

Now we’ve had empires since – even the U.S. is still sort of a nominal empire itself. And Russia is still struggling with not being an empire anymore. But Rome still stands. We have to visit the city – I’d love to spend a couple of months traipsing between Rome and Napoli, perhaps even visit the ancestral home of Fondi.

And who knows, perhaps I’m descended of plebeians, or maybe a Praetor. That’s some of the research I’d love to do.

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