On Upgrading the PC

Well – I ordered an 8GB RAM kit for my Dell E6420. It originally came with only 4GB and Windows 10 was running ok on it. Well with the additional memory it’s booting it’s usual but apps launch must faster.

Had a little scare during the upgrade though. You have to drop the bottom cover of the machine to get at the RAM so I removed the CD-ROM, all power and Hard Drive. Plugged it all back in, went to boot and I was getting no boot drive found. What the hell? Did the hard drive die just from handling it?

So I open the bottom cover again and slide the drive in – it just misses the connector. Slide it in again and it connects. So I put the bottom cover back on and secured the hard drive screws. Voila – she boots.

I had been running scenarios in my head. If the drive was dead I’d just get an SSD and rebuild it as a Linux box since I’m perfectly comfortable running Linux as I am running OS-X or Windows.

But if the drive wasn’t dead it just boots. Great. But I’m going to replace it anyhow – a 500GB SSD is down to about $120 – a 960GB is $214. I might go for the latter. I’l just image the mechanical HD to the SSD and get zippidy doo dah speeds.


2 thoughts on “On Upgrading the PC

  1. Can you recommend a good site to buy a processor? I am trying to upgrade my parents’ HP Pavilion p6243w. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’m game to give it a try. I already did the memory with success. I figure I can find a YouTube video to show me how once I get the right processor for their motherboard. Thanks for any help you can give. ~~~ Brent

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