Month: March 2016

Things I love

Ok here’s a meme – things I love.

  1. Of course the love of my life gets top spot in this list. Were it not for the love of him I don’t know if I’d be as ambitious a motherfucker as I am.
  2. Getting feedback from a friend that you had a huge impact on their life. That ranks way up there too. But it’s what I do – I like developing talents in others.
  3. Seeing the sunrise every morning while I’m on the commuter train.
  4. Reading a good book. It can vary – I’m reading a lot more political stuff lately.
  5. Good music as I’m near always found with a set of these on my head. The flyover provides a nice sort of halo for me. And those tigerwood cans – the resonance off them makes everything sound fantastic.


  6. Good food. This one is a broad category. Actually toyed with buying some squid to make calamari today. And bacon wrapped scallops are delicious, so too Hosomaki which is interesting. As a kid I pretty much abhorred fish. Now I’ll eat almost any of it. Just haven’t had cod in a long time.
  7. Nice leather furniture. My ass is parked on a leather recliner as I type this.
  8. Animals. We have one resident feline by the name of Angie. But I also love seeing the wild rabbits feeding on the lawn that surrounds the path I take the train station every morning.
  9. A good waterproof backpack. Each day I pack off to work with my lunch, laptop, Fire HD6, cables, tools, etc. in my backpack. So it’s a good one. The inner surfaces are vinyl lined so no moisture can penetrate the backpack.
  10. Timberland Hikers – they’re awesome during the winter and even spring when things get a little bit mucky out there.
  11. My hoodies – I’ve got three currently that I rotate through. One  is in all black and has a Big Daddy and Little Sister on the back. Another is dark navy blue and has an atom on the front and the saying “A Day without Fusion is like a day without Sunshine.”. And finally there’s the light blue that says “We are all connected – to each other biologically, to the Earth chemically, and the Universe Atomically.”
  12. The fact that there’s almost nothing I can’t find online related to video and music.
  13. The technology around me at this very moment. I’ve now lost count of the number of Central Processing Units there are around me at any given time. They’re that ubiquitous.
  14. Spring and Summer – spring is nature getting dressed up and to quote the song, July is dressed up and playing a tune. Really.

Never try driving I-93 after 3PM

So I was up in our Manchester, NH office today. Hooking up computers, testing wifi etc. only to find they’d left one character off the password. Ooops.

Anyhow I figured leave at 3PM – it only took 1 hour and 18 minutes going up to Manchester from Quincy, MA. Getting back though took two hours of crawling along that blasted lower deck of I-93 just outside Boston – and then into the tunnel where it’s stop and go.

There has to be a solution for all the traffic. I’m thinking flying cars but no the kind with wings but levitating cars. It’s got to be possible.

But back to I-93 – I did note one other thing on the drive up to Manchester. I-93 in Massachusetts is a rutted out piece of shit. But you cross over into New Hampshire and it’s smooth sailing.

But if you want ot get there in a reasonable amount of time – never leave north of Boston later than 2PM. You’ll pay.

Traveling Man

So this week – I’ll have spent time in the following places in New England:

  1. Quincy, MA – Where I normally work.
  2. Cambridge, MA to visit a company that the company I work for just acquired.
  3. Boston, MA – Every Wednesday and it’s not the north end and not Prince Spaghetti day.
  4. Manchester, NH – Where we’re opening a new office.
  5. Providence, RI – where I live.

It’s a busy company I work for and it’s definitely on the move. It was good to see Cambridge again today. Had I the money it’s a city I’d love to live in.

So it’s 8.5 miles between Quincy, MA and Cambridge, MA.

Then 6.4 miles between Quincy, MA and Boston, MA

And then 60.4 miles between Quincy, MA and Manchester, NH.

And finally 44.7 miles between Providence, RI and Quincy, MA.

Remember this one?

Back in 2012 I had thought about getting rid of Cable Television service. A few hundred channels and nothing to watch.

Well I finally did it a few months ago. I returned the cable box to Cox. Why you ask? Because the television after I’d repaired it lasted three years and once again is broken. And I’m no longer able to find the power supply for it and don’t have the time to replace the capacitors on the board.

And I’m loathe to buy another television.Beside the point my viewing has moved to the laptop screen and the only reason I’d buy a TV is to sling HDMI to it from the laptop. So that’s why I haven’t repaired or replaced the TV.

It’s been so nice not to have a $200 cable bill every month. And since I posted in 2012 I signed up for the Amazon Prime account, haven’t yet subscribed to Hulu. And no need for the Roku box since there’s no TV to hook it up to.

My favorite time of year approaches

So in just under an hour the clocks all spring ahead by an hour. I do so wish we’d stop with the foolishness of swapping the time around twice a year. Just stay on daylight time. Or embrace UTC with a vigor.

But Spring is finally coming – can’t say we had a horrendous winter though. Only failed aka fell on my ass a couple times. One of which I should have had the sense to say ’tis not fit for man or beast out there, I’m working from home.

But even with the time change – the actual start of Spring comes on the 20th of March. It’s a solstice again.

But Spring is when everything looks really pretty – the green on the trees is a special one.

Rules for Commuting or at least there should be

Ok – so I’ve been taking the commuter into Boston every day now for close to two years.

Here are some things that make me just slightly lose my mind.

Escalators in south station are wide enough in most cases to accommodate  two people standing side by side. But the general rule though a lot of people don’t seem to have gotten the memo is standing traffic to the right, climbing traffic to the left.

And then other escalators, particularly the one from the Red Line north platform – it’s wide enough for a single person. So hit those at a run or face the scorn.

But the thing the drives me nuts – what I call the tuggers. Instead of being able to fit their gear in a backpack, oh perish the thought, they’ve got these semi and hard shelled rolling luggage that they just blindly tug behind them.

And they move at a snails pace. But one yesterday – the next to last escalator before you hit the main concourse at South Station – she stands to the right and her fucking luggage is blocking the left side. But we don’t say anything on the spot, oh no. We just make some noise. She didn’t get the hint.

Then coming back on the commuter I have the headphones on. They pretty much blot out all outside sound but I can hear this tinny Asian language. I slip one headphone off and there’s a girl watching a video on her phone with the volume cranked. That’s incredibly fucking rude. You can get a pair of earphones for under $10.

And granted – going from or toward a commuter train is always fun. Things to do there – don’t speed up then slow down – but then that explains the traffic on the highways around here, one minute you’re doing 80MPH, next you’re down to 45MPH.

And the one that drives me absolutely insane – stop staring down at your smartphone and walk. That’s the real problem.


Another cooking tool

So I’ve long used probe thermometers to measure the temperature of some dish. But as I learn more about cooking and baking I realized – something was missing.

The something is an infrared thermometer. When you think about it, the infrared thermometer really is a space age tool. Or are we past the space age now so we’re firmly into the age of artificial intelligence and robotics. Let’s hope they never combine those two – oh who am I kidding. We’re pretty much building SkyNet as I type.

But the infrared thermometer really is a fun tool. It also includes a laser so wherever the point lands, you can read the temperature of that spot. Because at this phase even the surface temperature of food is critical.

Even when we’re being overrun by artificially intelligent robots being directed by SkyNet. Guess we’ll have to do invent time travel into the past soon enough so we can stop it happening. Actually upon some thought I do believe we can travel into the past. It’s just the future we cannot travel into since we haven’t gotten there yet.