Another cooking tool

So I’ve long used probe thermometers to measure the temperature of some dish. But as I learn more about cooking and baking I realized – something was missing.

The something is an infrared thermometer. When you think about it, the infrared thermometer really is a space age tool. Or are we past the space age now so we’re firmly into the age of artificial intelligence and robotics. Let’s hope they never combine those two – oh who am I kidding. We’re pretty much building SkyNet as I type.

But the infrared thermometer really is a fun tool. It also includes a laser so wherever the point lands, you can read the temperature of that spot. Because at this phase even the surface temperature of food is critical.

Even when we’re being overrun by artificially intelligent robots being directed by SkyNet. Guess we’ll have to do invent time travel into the past soon enough so we can stop it happening. Actually upon some thought I do believe we can travel into the past. It’s just the future we cannot travel into since we haven’t gotten there yet.

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