My favorite time of year approaches

So in just under an hour the clocks all spring ahead by an hour. I do so wish we’d stop with the foolishness of swapping the time around twice a year. Just stay on daylight time. Or embrace UTC with a vigor.

But Spring is finally coming – can’t say we had a horrendous winter though. Only failed aka fell on my ass a couple times. One of which I should have had the sense to say ’tis not fit for man or beast out there, I’m working from home.

But even with the time change – the actual start of Spring comes on the 20th of March. It’s a solstice again.

But Spring is when everything looks really pretty – the green on the trees is a special one.

2 thoughts on “My favorite time of year approaches

  1. I agree that daylight savings time is unnecessary and confusing, since it is not universally observed. Glad your winter was not as harsh as some past one.

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