Remember this one?

Back in 2012 I had thought about getting rid of Cable Television service. A few hundred channels and nothing to watch.

Well I finally did it a few months ago. I returned the cable box to Cox. Why you ask? Because the television after I’d repaired it lasted three years and once again is broken. And I’m no longer able to find the power supply for it and don’t have the time to replace the capacitors on the board.

And I’m loathe to buy another television.Beside the point my viewing has moved to the laptop screen and the only reason I’d buy a TV is to sling HDMI to it from the laptop. So that’s why I haven’t repaired or replaced the TV.

It’s been so nice not to have a $200 cable bill every month. And since I posted in 2012 I signed up for the Amazon Prime account, haven’t yet subscribed to Hulu. And no need for the Roku box since there’s no TV to hook it up to.

3 thoughts on “Remember this one?

  1. Congratulations – we pay £50 a month for a Sky subscription we hardly watch. Your post has got me thinking…

    1. Even someone who insisted he liked the tv on for background noise – he’s on the laptop, headphones on and watching video there. The network connection is clutch – it’s completely displaced TV viewing. And as I write this I’m listening to a music stream online.

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