Never try driving I-93 after 3PM

So I was up in our Manchester, NH office today. Hooking up computers, testing wifi etc. only to find they’d left one character off the password. Ooops.

Anyhow I figured leave at 3PM – it only took 1 hour and 18 minutes going up to Manchester from Quincy, MA. Getting back though took two hours of crawling along that blasted lower deck of I-93 just outside Boston – and then into the tunnel where it’s stop and go.

There has to be a solution for all the traffic. I’m thinking flying cars but no the kind with wings but levitating cars. It’s got to be possible.

But back to I-93 – I did note one other thing on the drive up to Manchester. I-93 in Massachusetts is a rutted out piece of shit. But you cross over into New Hampshire and it’s smooth sailing.

But if you want ot get there in a reasonable amount of time – never leave north of Boston later than 2PM. You’ll pay.

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