Stupid User Tricks

Where I work we have several remote people. And as such we have some that I will call computer challenged to the maximum. It’s so bad that the office mate and I were talking about actually suggesting they use a basic computer knowledge test to people.

The test would involve logging in, opening Word, composing a document, then opening Gmail in the web, and even MS Outlook and having them send the document to an email address we provide.

But the number one we get from two remote users. They never power their laptops down or lock it – and then an update gets pushed, machines reboots and presto they forgot their password.

Or better – a user takes their laptop, cell phone and jetpack to a bar in Brooklyn – NYC. Yeah it got stolen. But the best part is policy requires a police report before we’ll order replacements of the phone and jetpack. So I get an email form the leader of the guys division saying they’ll get him new stuff policy be damned. I let the guy who does the purchasing know they’re going to try that and that we needed a unified front on this.

But the best part – the user asked if he could file the police report in Massachusetts. I had to explain that law enforcement didn’t work that way, that each department is it’s own separate entity.

These are just two examples of the stupidity we deal with on a day to day basis. I’m seriously considering compiling the best ones into a book. With any luck it would be a best seller on the New York Times list.

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