When you single handedly save the company you work for

So a bit after lunch today my systems guy instant messages me to look at the Rackspace tickets. There’s one in there warning of non-payment.

I log onto Rackspace and sure enough, $20,000 in unpaid fees. We live and die by Rackspace. All of the company’s major services are on Rackspace Cloud. So I escalated the issue by forwarding it to my boss, and my team. I also went and spoke to the controller and let her know that several of our products could potentially go dark if this wasn’t paid. That would certainly have spelt certain death of the company I work for so she took it seriously.

But my boss – I notified him at 13:34 hours that he needed to touch base with the controller vis the issue on Rackspace. He didn’t respond back to me despite my sending several instant messages to him regarding the situation. Finally at 15:33 hours he calls me – and I ask if he’s approved the payment. He says he thought he had. I call bovine effluent. Anyway got him talking to the Controller and the invoice were approved for payment. Payment will go out via ACH transfer first thing in the morning.

And more interestingly – the boss said he was in meetings all afternoon. If I were in his position and he had his I.T. Leader/Manager tell him to get in  touch with the controller regarding payment of a Rackspace invoice I’d have excused myself from the meeting and made the phone call. But he didn’t do that. Now I don’t want to narc on him to the CEO, but I’m really on the fence. My boss doesn’t know it yet, but he owes me big time. Why? Because the efforts I had to make to raise this alarm and get this squared away consumed a very big part of my day. So depending on how he tries to cover for it tomorrow – that will determine whether or not I mention it to the CEO.



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