Reading: Velvet Rage

Ok, I’m only about 15% into the book and I find myself almost completely disagreeing with the author and his premise.

He essentially says:

a) We gay people are wounded.

b) We’re good at fashion and design

c) That it’s self hatred that drives the rage.

Well I’ve been marking the kindle version up with notes, such as:

On page 22: Except some of us aren’t wounded

On page 24 where the author states “What makes the wound of shame so destructive? To experience such shame, particularly during our childhood and and adolescent years, prevents us from developing a strong sense of self”

My comment was “Want to wager on that? Try growing up Italian-American . Plenty of sense of self there and if you don’t think so, I’ll knock your fucking block off.”

I’ve never been that much a pansy   – in one part of the book when he says we’re good at fashion and design I noted “I’m an information technology specialist with a concentration of information security – I wouldn’t know fashion or culture if it bit me, but I do know politics very well. ”


2 thoughts on “Reading: Velvet Rage

  1. hello truthspew. I know you’re interested in bringing injustice to light, and I have an injustice I wanted to discuss with you. I found your blog when I was searching how to hack the Virgin Pulse pedometer. While the title of your blogpost seemed EXACTLY what I needed – which was how to use the VP pedometer WITHOUT an affiliation to a company enrolled in the program….alas, it was not.

    Can you help me? I would like to be able to use this device and it seems I cannot without the login credentials of an employee of a company that subscribes. Please help. I think it’s unfair that there is no standalone software I can use to track my steps, fitness, etc. for no monetary gain or “Rewards” beyond being healthy.

    Please help me, please! Contact me so I at least know you’ve received this plea.

  2. Once in awhile I read old psychiatric books on homosexuality; I don’t know whether to cry or laugh at some of the rubbish people used to believe/still do. Happily we have advance – well, some of us.

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