Reading: Practical Electronics for Inventor, 4th Edition

The book is by Paul Scherz and  Simon Monk. Covers some deep theory of electronics which I love.

But quick, who are Kirchoff, Norton, Ohm and Thevenin. – They were the once who advanced the knowledge of power, current, voltage and resistance in a circuit. They died in order in 1887, 1983, 1854 and 1926. So of the group only two lived into the 20th century. The remainder were 19th century men.

So I wonder what greats in the field of electronics we’ll see in the 21st century. I’d nominate Dave Jones of the EEVBlog. He’s exposed me to plenty of electronic theory.

Plus there’s the Signal Path Blog, then there’s Kevin Darrah, etc. All helping to expand my theoretical side of electronics.

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