Reading: A Twofer

So I bought two more books to keep the commute bearable. I did finish the Velvet Rage and the Electronics for Inventors books. But I needed something more in the physics community so I got two books, one on Paul Dirac and the other on Erwin Schrodinger. It’s only logical as I did read on about James Clerk Maxwell and a couple of books about and one by Richard Feynman.

The first of the new books is titled “The Strangest Man: The Hidden Life of Paul Dirac, Mystic of the Atom” by Graham Farmelo. The book now rips into Dirac’s father. It’s fun to read.

The other book is titled “Erwin Schrodinger And the Quantum Revolution” by John Gribbin.

I mean there were three high school classes that had a dramatic impact on me, Physics, Electronics, and Computers. And I’ve read all sorts of books about the history of computers, electronics, and even now Physics because a lot of physics went into shaping the electronics world.

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