Banal Evil

So I’ve long studied the culture behind Nazi Germany. I always wondered why more people didn’t rise up and take Hitler and his henchmen down.

But I think I’m coming to an understanding. First – evil is banal. It really is – I’ve seen a number of documentaries with people who lived right next to concentration camps in Germany and they never thought to question those camps.

Plus I know of the studies of certain Psychologists like Milgram and Zimbardo.

Part of it is that the common man in a normal situation looks at something that isn’t right and chooses to ignore it rather than get involved. It’s the downside of our individualistic society. And of course Milgram’s study – and I know certain mental health professionals who believe it was unethical the way he treated those people. I think a ¬†different way and we should be thanking Mr. Milgram for exposing the seamless underbelly of our society. He showed that people are cowed by authority.

So in essence we’re all sheep being lead to the slaughter. Isn’t that a charming thought.

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