Stupid User Tricks part 998,772,124

So we get a help desk ticket in. The user is one of our problem children. She even posted a picture to the ticket. Now the image I’m about to share – I also emailed it to couple people in the office. It has a life of it’s own now withing the office. In fact the image she posted is also on imgur, reddit, and flickr. So it’s only fitting that I tell the tale and post the image here.

In the ticket she said she spilled coffee in her laptop and then tried to dry it. Didn’t say what she used to dry the machine.

I  did counsel her that when liquid is spilled into any computer and especially laptops, drop the battery if you can (Sorry MacBook users – you’re screwed.) and remove the power. I also explained to her how liquids and computers as a general rule don’t mix.

So anyhow I talked to her – I just had to. Her ticket has made it to our wall  of shame. And it’s definitely a winner.


As you can see the keys area actually melted. It came to pass she used a blow dryer to dry the keyboard out. Notices the period and comma keys along with the question mark and M key are completely melted off the keyboard. Notice to the J,K,L and ; keys also melted.

The woman must be a great salesperson because she’s the bane of everyone’s existence int he office including her manager.

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