And my acumen isn’t just for computers

But phones and networks as well. Got a report from the new boss that a phone in one of our conference rooms wasn’t working.

I checked and checked. Could not get this Polycom SoundStation 6000 to work. So I thought let’s plug it in somewhere else. Still didn’t work. My first inkling was to wonder if we hadn’t exhausted the DHCP range for the phones. I thought this because we’d seen the problem with a few IP-450’s too.

So I hard coded an IP address in the phone range to the Soundstation 6000 and plugged it into a jack I knew worked and voila  – phone came up no problem.

So I sent a ticket into our firewall maintenance vendor asking that I saw the range had a netmask of and was a /22 range which meant for the range given it has 1022 available addresses.

So in the ticket I asked was it only give out one octets ranges and the rest weren’t being served out via DHCP. The answer was affirmative so the request was made to add the entirety of the 1022 addresses to the pool.

That solved the problem with most of the IP-450’s but the conference room – when they terminated the Ethernet they left long whips of cable that got stepped on, rolled on etc.

Got the wiring vendor to come in and correctly terminate the lines inside a plate on the floor jack.

So basically two issues – that involved both telecom and networking. And I solved it.

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