Tonight’s commute home

Gad it was awful. We get to Readville station which is pretty much just outside Boston and the train stops dead there. Not dead but just stops.

15 minutes goes by, I was reading the book “Newport Knights” by H.B. Loomis who is a friend of ours.  and it’s an entertaining romp through historical Newport and modern day Newport.

But that aside – about 20 minutes in they tell us it’s due to a medical emergency. Probably a cardiac event. The cruel bastard in me though, as I was getting text messages saying the train would be 20, then 30, then 40 minutes late, was just pack him up and leave him on the platform for the EMS to pick up. Hell you could even leave a conductor with an AED with the guy. But needless to say, I’m usually home by 6PM. I got home at 6:40PM.

But it gets worse. They sent a shorter train – so we were packed like sardines. No wonder someone had a cardiac event.


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