As life goes on

So the other day I read a post that I’m of that generation that lived before we had the internet. Can’t say I wasn’t connected – had a 2400bps modem and a bitnet account. They were the precursors to the Internet.

But other things that changed in my lifetime are as follows:

  1. Cell phones that morphed into little computer tablets.
    1. Related – computers that didn’t just have black screens with white/green/amber text.
  2. Online video
  3. Medicine stepping out of the dark ages.
    1. Related – CRISPR-Cas9 – that is going to be one of the holy grails of medicine.
  4. High speed rail.
  5. Squeezing 300HP out of a 4 cylinder engine.

That’s just a small snipet.

3 thoughts on “As life goes on

    1. Yeah it is amazing. I remember as a kid thinking about how old I’d be when the year rolled over to 2000. Here we are 16 years later. And the progress has been stunning.

  1. My Grandmother used to say/brag she lived through the last ‘great generation”
    Now I get to say similar viz. life before technology. I recall it wasn’t so bad.

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