Driving fun today

So in the past I’ve rented a BMW X3 and an BMW X1. I much prefer the X3.

However today I had the opportunity to drive an X1 again. I’m going to say something here that won’t sit well with fans of Japanese or American cars. Get one of those mentioned up to 80 to 90MPH  and they get squirrely handling wise. The front end shimmies a little bit and well I consider them unsafe above those speeds.

The X1 has some interesting features. No Bluetooth or at least that I could find. However it does have what I have noted of two brands made in Germany, Volkswagen and BMW – that is it handles smoothly at speeds in excess of 100MPH. I had the X1 up to 110MPH today and it was tracking straight on, didn’t shake or shimmy, just automotive perfection. God I love German engineering.  There’s just something about zipping along at that speed in a car that can handle said speed without effort. And the X1 it auto start/stops the engine when you’re stopped for any length of time.

And get this, the X1 had in excess of 20K miles on it. Amazing.


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