Street lights over time

So growing up I remember these street lights:


Then into the 1970’s and they got replaced with High and Low Pressure sodium lights that cast an orange glow over everything.


And finally, here in the 21st century there’s a little bit of a change taking place. now we’re seeing LED based street lights – with their bright white light illuminating our highways and biways.

Well this photo tells the whole story. Look at the difference between LED and HPS.


And here’s what the LED light look like. These are slightly different from the ones National Grid has going bonkers installing in my neighborhood. So too has the MBTA – all their trackway lighting in Boston  is now LED based.


In fact that above – it’s $100. So better light, energy efficient and less expensive. Why wouldn’t the incumbent electric power utility choose this?

2 thoughts on “Street lights over time

  1. I’d love it even more if they could come up with a design that focused light down to reduce light pollution and give everyone a chance to see the night sky better.

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