Food: Lobster Ravioli with home made sauce

So we bought two packages of Trader Joe’s Lobster Ravioli but no sauce to go with it. What to do?

And then I remember I had half a red onion, and half a beef steak tomato. Plus some minced garlic, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, some tomato paste and some Lobster bullion paste. Sauteed the onion and then garlic and added chopped up beef steak tomato. Let the whole thing meld and then into the brew went the Lobster paste, tomato paste, and water along with a tiny bit of salt and pepper. Let that simmer for a bit while the ravioli cooked. My only regret is I didn’t have any fresh herbage. But hey in a pinch you do without.

Then spooned over the freshly cooked Ravioli and grated some Parmigiana Regiano and Asiago cheese on top. Totally tasty stuff. Moderate saltiness, and the red pepper flakes gave it a nice kick. And the thing was, it was one shake of the red pepper flakes.


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