So the art of a root canal has changed

So I had the first one well over a decade ago. That was the left upper rear molar. This time the left lower rear molar.

This time around they did some testing first, including x-rays. The X-ray is interesting – it’s all digital now. No more films. They just have you hold the sensor in your mouth and it’s a brief burst of energy and it shows up on the computer screen.

Now for the procedure itself  had a very pleasant female endodontist and her assistant. Full masks and everything. The former root canal had an endodontist that had the worst case of halitosis ever.

And they did the typical dental dam, but also had goggles so flying bits wouldn’t get in my eyes.

And I also noted they had a microscope. In fact I was talking to the Doctor and her assistant – I too use one at work to effect circuit board repairs on computers. Similar magnification and manufacturer of the scope too, AmScope.

So those are just a few of the changes I noted this time around. Fascinating.

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