Be cautious about who you friend on LinkedIn

So I get a LinkedIn notification today. Apparently the developer that we in I.T. were instrumental in getting terminated from our group got himself a new job.

Even mentioned the company he’s working for which is sort of a no-no but wait it’s LinkedIn. Had me pondering whether I should send an anonymous missive to the corporate leaders of the company telling them that one of his co-developers once said of the subject “PyGeek my ass!” in a 02:00AM message to be on our Slack app. He said it in reference to PyGeek’s coding ability in Python, as in he’s no geek about Python when he doesn’t correct framework issues.

But I’ll be nice – after all the developer we helped to terminate – he’s family, a friend of Dorothy, light in the loafers, etc. Yeah, gay, like me and a few others in the org. But his attitude to quote Andre 3000 was potty. And he was Vegan too. I generally loathe vegans.



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