Month: October 2016

Street lights over time

So growing up I remember these street lights:


Then into the 1970’s and they got replaced with High and Low Pressure sodium lights that cast an orange glow over everything.


And finally, here in the 21st century there’s a little bit of a change taking place. now we’re seeing LED based street lights – with their bright white light illuminating our highways and biways.

Well this photo tells the whole story. Look at the difference between LED and HPS.


And here’s what the LED light look like. These are slightly different from the ones National Grid has going bonkers installing in my neighborhood. So too has the MBTA – all their trackway lighting in Boston ¬†is now LED based.


In fact that above – it’s $100. So better light, energy efficient and less expensive. Why wouldn’t the incumbent electric power utility choose this?

Food: French toast

So for years I’ve tried just about every type of bread for French Toast. And my skill and technique have markedly improved.

But last night we were at BJ’s Wholesale club and I noted they had Challah. We bought a two pack of it and now I know why. Apparently in Jewish circles, one is used when the Shabat begins on Friday, and then the other loaf on Saturday. We just shifted it a day – since in my Catholic rearing Sunday is the Sabbath. Sure I’ve shucked off the religious gobbledygook but the old traditions die hard.

Plus the fact that Sunday is the day we’re pretty much unfettered to cook what we please. So this morning I cut up 3/4’s a loaf of Challah into slices. Then I made the batter. One nice technique – separate the yolks from the white. Into the yolks some milk, ¬†turbinado sugar, vanilla, pinch of salt and blend together. Then whip the whites into soft peaks – the trusty stick blender with whisk attachment is marvelous for that.

Combine the two folding the white into the yolks – then dust with a little cinnamon and mix it up.

Slices get soaked in that marvelous mixture for a few minutes per side then onto a rack to set while you cook bacon, or cut up the avocado, tomato and onion.

Then set the heat on the griddle to about 275F. About 2 or so minutes per side and then onto a warmed plate.

Had that French Toast with a nice little tomato, avocado and red onion salad, with some salt, pepper and then a cherry balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Also had a few slices of bacon each.

Sunday breakfast, or more properly brunch is fantastic. Now to think about dinner later on. Either Filet Mignon or that wonderful Trader Joe’s Spatchcocked Chicken with lemon and basil. Choices, choices, choices.