Doings of Today

So today I had a dental cleaning. Pretty easy this time around which is funny because the last was 9 years ago. They also shot a bunch of x-ray’s and they have newer x-ray machine. I helped them out diagnosing an issue with the machine – after extended use it becomes hard to re-orient the x-ray head. I explained that the x-ray tube generates heat in addition to x-rays and probably causes thermal expansion of the plastic housing. I know I’m such a geek that way.

Then headed down to Five Guys haven’t had a burger from there in a few months.

And we did a little shopping picking up some vegetables, etc. that we had forgotten this past weekend.

And when I got home a box was waiting for me. It was my Chef Steps Joule sous vide stick. I opened it up, I’ve got it in a pot of water now and have it all synchronized to my phone. I’m gonna do a poached egg. In fact it’s in the water right now. Now I understand how restaurants can do perfect steaks, hollandaise, and poached eggs – they just drop them into the water in a plastic bag and let it cook. The souse vide stick holds it at exactly the right temperature for hours on end. So basically I could throw stuff in before I leave in the morning, come home and just for example sear it and dinner is done. You can order one for $199 here.


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