The Holiday Goings On

So today started off going over to my cousin Richard’s house in Glocester (Chepachet), RI. Nice place. My Aunt Carol was up from Florida too so we got to see her.

It’s funny Someone had a bit of trepidation about going there but in the end wanted to stay. Alas we couldn’t as we had a prior commitment for Christmas day.

Went down to East Greenwich and did some baked stuffed shrimp, ham and baked beans with a friend of ours. Then watched Christmas shows, The Year without a Santa and Scrooged.

All in all it was pretty good and we have a standing invite to head up to my cousins place in Chepachet on Sundays. That would be cool. Me an my cousin were really tight until I hit my mid 20’s. And the cousin is doing quite well. I guess a 2 year and 8 month stay in jail changes you. He’s got a window replacement business up and running and it’s paying for the building the business is occupying, plus he’s got his wifes people paying rent in the house so his total out of pocket for the house is maybe $700 a month. Not too shabby.

And it’s funny, Someone’s trepidation was due to the racist shit from my father. But my aunt and cousin aren’t racist at all. Kind of hard since my cousins wifes son has a son whose skin show’s he had a bit of color.

Also found out I should have access to enough cash to buy a Volkswagen Golf TSi Wolfsburg edition. Nice.


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