The Post Celebration Notes

During the holiday I found out I’d been left a significant sum. Enough to buy a car and do some investing.

So doing some math I tumbled on I can get a VW Golf Wolfsburg edition for $24K or less. Hmmm. Guess what car I’m going for.

That will leave roughly $10K to invest. A modest amount to be sure but I did some projections as there’s a real estate mutual  fund out there returning about 20% and even when you back out the 1% management fee it’s pretty attractive. That $10K with an additional $10K per year dropped in gets over $300K in 10 years. Not too shabby making a $100K profit over 10 years. I suppose I should project it out to 15 and 20 years. But hell even the 10 year outlook is pretty fucking rosy.

I also projected it out to 20 years and the amount is astounding. For a modest initial investment and a consistent addition. And where does the $10K in addition come from? Well if I buy the car it frees up the $363 per month I spend on the MBTA pass, and the $500 or so on Zipcar rentals. Do that math and you get $10,356 additional saving per year. And I do plan to stick to that. I mean at year 3 I’ve got the dough to say buy a BMW X3 cash. Though I’d likely be reluctant to trade the VW Golf in at that point. So just let the cash ride.

And for breakfast it was Trader Joe’s Black Forrest Bacon, with my signature scrambled eggs, and then some roasted tomato dusted with salt,  red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper.

And for dinner some filet mignon with Montreal Steak seasoning, thyme and butter just in the sous vide bath now.

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