Month: January 2017

A mini torch

Was thinking of doing creme brule but the brule part would be difficult without a torch.

So I purchased a little butane torch. Haven’t  yet made the creme brule but I have used it to melt cheese on burgers, light  a stove’s pilot, etc. I’ve even caramelized some sugar with it.

So this is the culinary stuff I’ve been up to in the past couple months. First up is the coffee grinder with Espresso beans and to it’s right is the French Press. Makes great coffee.



And this is a jar of home made strawberry jam. Pretty easy to make. Strawberries, sugar, lemon juice and salt with a bit of pectin thrown in to thicken it. 20170122_1227221


This is the strawberry mix in the pan. 20170122_1210502


These are potato chips – very tasty but a bit oily. Had to get the temp up high enough. 20170112_1938031

When Christian Apologists provoke thought

So I was watching a debate between Dr. Richard Carrier and Dr. Mike Licona. Dr. Carrier of course supports the theory that the resurrection and even the existence of Jesus Christ has no real basis in reality. Dr. Licona of course is a Christian Apologist.

There was one thing Licona said – about how the dead rise up in spirit and then when Jesus returns the bodies of the dead will be re-united with their spirit and then rise up. So that brought my mind directly to a question. What happens to the millions of billions of people who died prior to the formation of Christianity?  Does their soul spend a time in purgatory? I doubt it since they died during belief of many gods, or ancestor worship.

It’s always funny when apologists don’t think something through.


More Vintage Video

First off is Sharon Brown with I Specialize in Love:

Here’s Odyssey with Inside Out

Jackie Moore with This Time Baby


Joyce Sims with All in All

And last, Fonda Rae with Touch Me


The Coffee Monster

So recently Someone said they liked the chocolate flavored coffees. Me I like French Roast. So we got a French Press. It’s a far cry from earlier efforts in that it’s got several layers of filtration. It was all of $14.95 on Amazon.

And the coffer – there’s a little bakery extension right across the street from us. And they grind the coffees fresh for you. So Someone picked up two 12oz. bags of it.

Now as to the health benefits of coffee I’ve observed a mixed bag. Some say it’s good for you, others say it’s bad for you. All I know is I like a nice strong coffee.

First major snow storm of 2017

So up to know we’ve been pretty fortunate, just gotten dustings that were here in the morning, gone by late afternoon. In essence, the kind of snow I like.

However yesterday we got about 7 or 8 inches of the shit called snow. Yeah, I don’t like it, dislike driving in it even more. At one point the car is drifting to the right, so I steer right, nada. Steer left, nada.

Also discovered something about modern cars, you cannot over-rev them in snow. The computer figures out the wheels are spinning and won’t apply power. Ut si!

And I’ll likely work from home tomorrow since the sidewalks aren’t cleared yet. Oh mine are, after all I’ve agitated to get the snow laws changed so there are penalties with teeth. And temps are pretty cold but that changes by Tuesday/Wednesday with 50’s and rain. What we’re seeing here is the arctic blast from the north overpowering warmer air from the west.

And it’s not even good snowball snow damn it.


Great Friday Night

So this evening we went out to eat. We had wanted to hit Nordstroms Cafe but alas they close at 7:30PM. Winter hours they say. Next stop was the Cheesecake Factory but the line was a mile long. We finally settled on Pizzeria Uno – I know not your average spot for dinner but it worked.

Afterward we saw the movie Hidden Figures.


The movie is about three black women who worked for NASA back in 1961. The movie had several themes that piqued my interest. Sure there were the Redstone and Atlas rockets. But it also had an IBM 7090, and some super brilliant mathematicians that happened to be black women.

One of them was a natural at math, even advanced subjects in math.

Another wanted to be an engineer and she took the night classes in order to become one.

And the third, that IBM 7090, it had a room full of IBM engineers who couldn’t get the thing to run. But one of those three women, she studied FORTRAN and learned how to program that IBM 7090.

All in all a really good movie.

Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017

Another orbit around the sun has finally ended. Here we are in the year 2017, firmly entrenched in the 21st century now.

Went to a little party on the eve of the day last night. Got to see a new music act and I commented studio magic would be great for the duo. The guitarist had a nice collection of pedals and a very cool little drum machine.

Still haven’t drunk the champagne yet – that’s about to occur in about 20 minutes or so.

All in all a low key entry into 2017. Woke up at about 10AM this morning. The life of leisure this past week – it’s what vacation is supposed to be but it can’t last forever, back to work on Tuesday.