Great Friday Night

So this evening we went out to eat. We had wanted to hit Nordstroms Cafe but alas they close at 7:30PM. Winter hours they say. Next stop was the Cheesecake Factory but the line was a mile long. We finally settled on Pizzeria Uno – I know not your average spot for dinner but it worked.

Afterward we saw the movie Hidden Figures.


The movie is about three black women who worked for NASA back in 1961. The movie had several themes that piqued my interest. Sure there were the Redstone and Atlas rockets. But it also had an IBM 7090, and some super brilliant mathematicians that happened to be black women.

One of them was a natural at math, even advanced subjects in math.

Another wanted to be an engineer and she took the night classes in order to become one.

And the third, that IBM 7090, it had a room full of IBM engineers who couldn’t get the thing to run. But one of those three women, she studied FORTRAN and learned how to program that IBM 7090.

All in all a really good movie.

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