First major snow storm of 2017

So up to know we’ve been pretty fortunate, just gotten dustings that were here in the morning, gone by late afternoon. In essence, the kind of snow I like.

However yesterday we got about 7 or 8 inches of the shit called snow. Yeah, I don’t like it, dislike driving in it even more. At one point the car is drifting to the right, so I steer right, nada. Steer left, nada.

Also discovered something about modern cars, you cannot over-rev them in snow. The computer figures out the wheels are spinning and won’t apply power. Ut si!

And I’ll likely work from home tomorrow since the sidewalks aren’t cleared yet. Oh mine are, after all I’ve agitated to get the snow laws changed so there are penalties with teeth. And temps are pretty cold but that changes by Tuesday/Wednesday with 50’s and rain. What we’re seeing here is the arctic blast from the north overpowering warmer air from the west.

And it’s not even good snowball snow damn it.


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