Yet another Hallmark Holiday – Valentines Day 2017

So it’s pretty low key. The usual Godiva heart for someone will be purchased soon, and I’m planning on making some chocolate souffle for dessert. It’s really simple, just needs chocolate, butter, flour, milk, one egg yolk and two whipped egg whites. Yummy!

Other than that got  a line on a new job. This one I kind of like, it’s a travel company with about 200 people employed but start-up culture which I absolutely love. Plus they do six weeks of paid vacation. That is VERY European but then the founder of the company was a former school teacher and summers off must have influenced the policy. And it’s in the seaport district of Boston so super easy getting there. In fact it’s a few buildings down from a former office I used to work in. In addition they offer deep discounts on their tour packages which I think would be REALLY nice.

All in all not a bad Valentines day.


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